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Enter a live experience taught by dedicated, seasoned recruitment professionals with hand-on experience and cutting-edge technical skills.


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A Strategic Approach to Healthcare Recruiting
A Strategic Approach to Healthcare Recruiting is designed with healthcare recruiters in mind. Discover the best free resources online today for finding doctors, nurses, pharmacy staff and more. Learn to build a sourcing strategy around the right keywords and certifications to access names, lists and profiles for the right talent most efficiently. In addition, become a savvy internet sourcing recruiter who knows how to leverage the right search tactics using the best search tools most effectively.
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AdvancedLab 4.0
AdvancedLab 4.0 teaches Recruiting and Sourcing professionals the most leading edge and innovative search tactics that will help locate the best candidates on the web today. This class leaves behind the common hunting ground and explores different tactics for creatively locating in-demand talent. The techniques mastered in this class will help attendees to be more inventive and push their sourcing abilities to extreme limits. Our most advanced sourcing class requires that attendees have previously attended SearchLab (CIR) prior to venturing into this course. A good working knowledge of Boolean and other AIRS sourcing methodologies will help AdvancedLab attendees hit the ground running and take their sourcing abilities to an advanced level that few professionals in this field can replicate. After completing AdvancedLab 4.0, attendees will have the opportunity to earn their ACIR (Advanced Certified Internet Recruiter) certification - proof they have mastered the most advanced sourcing techniques available to recruiters today.
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Certified Social Media Recruiter 3.0
In the realm of social media there are numerous websites that are not well traveled by recruiters, yet are full of potential candidate profiles. Many companies post images and videos of their top performers, so why not take advantage? In this unique and extremely cutting edge AIRS Certification class, attendees will learn how to leverage multimedia sites, shopping sites, and even dating sites to locate candidates using resources that other recruiters may never think to target. Using highly trafficked sites, such as YouTube®, Pandora®, Pinterest and eBay attendees will learn how to quickly and effectively locate user profiles and gather competitive intelligence.
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Certified Social Sourcing Recruiter 6.0
AIRS Certified Social Sourcing Recruiter class has been at the forefront of social media recruiting for more than ten years. CSSR has helped define what social recruiting is and continues to shape where it will go in the coming years. CSSR is built upon years of experience using a variety of social media sites for sourcing and recruiting passive candidates and AIRS is proud to introduce the newest version of this class to help recruiters all around the world gain a clearer understanding of what it takes to be successful in social media recruitment today. This full day class will teach attendees how to create a recruiting presence and also how to successfully find candidates from the endless social media resources available today. This course is about creating a viable and manageable social recruiting program that is scalable and appropriate for organizations and individual recruiters alike. Social media provides an opportunity to change the way individuals recruit and creates a powerful candidate and consumer engagement platform. CSSR focuses on both talent engagement and direct recruiting. With a strong focus on social networking sites, Certified Social Sourcing Recruiter is not for those looking to leverage video, image and music sites. Please review the course description for the AIRS Certified Social Media Recruiter (CSMR) course for details on learning how to source candidates from these types of sites.
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Engaging & Hiring Today's College Graduates
College recruiting is imperative today for all recruiters and talent acquisition professionals as hiring managers are looking for college grads and in many cases those still young in their career. The good news for recruiters however is that today's Generation Z grads are all tech savvy, most have online digital footprints, and love their smartphones. In this fully packed sourcing and recruiting class, learn how to engage both recent and future grads to build an ongoing stream of new talent for years to come.
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Hiring Heroes 2.0: A Field Guide to Veteran Recruitment
Thousands of men and women transition out of the armed services every year and these highly-skilled, dedicated and disciplined candidates are in great demand. Leading companies are working towards becoming more military friendly in order to hire transitioning Service Members, Veterans and Wounded Warriors. AIRS has designed this class to help talent acquisition and HR professionals create a new veteran recruiting program, or to improve upon an existing one. The course will not only focus on hiring these remarkable candidates, but it will also demonstrate how organizations can attract, engage and retain them as well.
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SearchLab 14.0
AIRS SearchLab 14.0 teaches student how to master the core elements of internet search and easily target passive candidates to fill even the toughest openings. As the leading authority on internet recruiting, AIRS continuously refines recruiting techniques. AIRS sourcing methodologies are the tactical building blocks needed to drive recruiting productivity. In one day, attendees will learn techniques that produce results that will help attendees locate candidates that may not be uncovered by a competitor. At the end of this course, attendees have the opportunity to test for the industry-recognized Certified Internet Recruiter (CIR) certification.
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The Recruiters Ultimate Guide to Google
Google is still king of the hill in the search engine world, but there's a lot more to this site than just a simple search box. In the past few years Google has created numerous tools and added new features that HR professionals and recruiters can utilize to enhance their candidate recruitment strategies. This unique course will show you how to leverage tools that were introduced for general searching and organization, and use them to your recruiting advantage.
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