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Enter a live experience taught by dedicated, seasoned recruitment professionals with hand-on experience and cutting-edge technical skills.


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AIRS Recruiting Research
AIRS is proud to have a large alumni network of recruiters across industries and locations. As a service to all recruiters, we frequently poll our network on current trends and hot topics. We are pleased to share the survey results with you and hope it is helpful to you and your organization. Please check back frequently as we add survey results every quarter.
Info: Vol 1 - Recruitment Team Structure
Info: Vol 2 - Social Media
Info: Vol 3 - Salary Survey
Info: Vol 4 - Recruiter Research Surveys
Info: Vol 5 - Social Media & Mobile Recruiting Survey
Info: Vol 6 - Recruitment Team Structure Survey
Info: Vol 7 - 2015 Diversity Survey
Info: Vol 8 - Salary Survey
Info: Vol 9 - Social Media & Mobile Recruiting Survey 2016
Info: Vol 10 - Recruitment Team Structure Survey
Info: Vol 11 - Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment Survey
Info: Vol 12 - Recruiter Salary Survey
Recruiter Competency Model
Read more about it in our white paper on the subject.
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AIRS is pleased to offer our alumni the opportunity to post jobs in an AIRS Newsletter that is dedicated to Job Postings for AIRS certified recruiters or talent acquisition professionals.
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