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ADP Outplacement
Outplacement Services Provided by Talent Aquistion Professionals
ADP Outplacement is an effective, personal, and affordable alternative to traditional outplacement. Powered by AIRS, a leading global provider of recruitment training, ADP Outplacement helps transitioned employees take the next step in their career. Guided by top talent acquisition professionals, employees have access to instructor-led training, job search aids and resources focusing on how to become the candidate of choice. ADP Outplacement is built upon a foundation of understanding where and how recruiters find talent in today's market.
What Sets ADP Outplacement Apart?
Led by Recruiters: ADP Outplacement is built upon 20 years of AIRS' experience in recruitment training. We took our extensive knowledge about what companies look for when searching for, interviewing and hiring candidates and applied it to the jobseeker. The result is an experience jobseekers can rely on to find their next career opportunity. With unlimited access to courses on resume building, networking and interviewing, we provide the high-touch practical training and resources jobseekers need to maximize future career opportunities.

Flexible Training Delivery: Offering our clients a cost-effective, high-touch, online outplacement solution, our full service program provides 6 months of unlimited training and 2 hours of one-on-one resume coaching. We offer customized training solutions, including targeted on-site training and support for downsizing events.

ADP Outplacement offers flexible training options for transitioning talent. Our solution provides separated employees the convenience of working from their home without sacrificing quality and personal support.

Enhance Your Employment Brand: Providing outplacement support helps your organization stand by transitioned talent by offering high quality training and support from a convenient web-based portal with live instructor led training sessions. Outplacement support helps ensure that separated workers realize the investment your organization has made in their career development and supports your employment brand for future hires.